Gluten Free Grilling Tips

It’s finally Summer and that means time to get out and start grilling! Here are a few of our favorite gluten free grilling tips

  1. If you are using charcoal, make sure the briquettes are gluten free.
  2. Use separate utensils for gluten free food preparation.
  3. Wrap your food in tinfoil or grill on a dedicated gluten free baking sheet to avoid cross contamination.
  4. Meat, fish and poultry are all gluten free, so it is safe to choose any of these proteins.
  5. Burgers and sausages can contain breadcrumbs. Check the ingredients or make your own burger patties to be doubly sure. You can use ground nuts such as hazelnuts or almonds as filler for a gluten free option.
  6. Some sauces, marinades and rubs contain gluten. Be sure to check the ingredients before using them, or better yet, make your own. Check out our recipes for some gluten free recipes.
  7. If there are no gluten free rolls available for your burger, use clean lettuce as a wrap.