Easy Tips For Going Gluten-Free

Approximately 1/3 of Americans suffer from some form of  gluten sensitivity, but even if you don’t have a sensitivity, going gluten-free can have great benefits to general health and weight loss goals. You’ll experience better digestion and reduce inflammation. The rise of gluten in the average American’s diet coincides with the increase in occurrences of many diseases such as autism and ADHD. Gluten consumption may be linked to these and a large number of other diseases such as diabetes and, heart disease. The easiest way to determine if you’ll benefit from going gluten-free is to eliminate it 100 percent from your diet for 30 days. Follow the four tips below to see how getting rid of gluten can benefit your body.

1. Read Product Labels

If you aare unsure, skip it! Even the smallest amount of gluten in your food can cause issues. Gluten is commonly in wheat, barley, and rye and even though a food may not naturally contain gluten, they’re often contaminated from farming, transportation and manufacturing methods. Look for the “gluten-free” label.

2. Eat Whole Foods

Skip the processed foods and choose vegetables, fruit, nuts, fish and poultry instead. 

3. Find Healthier Alternatives

Go gluten free and enjoy health alternatives to your favorite foods. Use these tips and you won’t have to compromise flavor:

Gluten-free steel cut oats or quinoa flakes


Non- Gluten Free Option




Glutenous Grains


Wheat or White Flour

Gluten Free Substitutes

gluten-free steel cut oats or quinoa flakes

almond/coconut bread, green wraps or stacks

organic corn tortillas, green wraps, rolls or salads

root veggies such as potatoes or winter squash

spaghetti squash or brown rice pasta

almond or coconut flour

4. Dine Out Smarter

Contact the restaurant ahead of time or check out their menu online and make sure they can accommodate your needs. Once you’re there, fill your plate with non-starchy veg, such as spinach or broccoli and opt for starchy veg over grains by choosing red potatoes or winter squash. Load up on protein-rich foods such as salmon or chicken to increase satiation and reduce cravings. Beware sauces, soups and dressings. Avoid anything breaded or deep-fried.