5 Great Gluten Free Sites

Following a gluten free diet can be challenging – especially when you are just learning how it all works. There are many sites that offer advice and help, whether you are looking for recipes, or want to engage with others who are on the same journey you are on.

It’s hard to choose just 5, but these are great sources of information and encouragement.

  1. Gluten Free Goddess – This blogger, Karina, suffers from Celiac disease and has been through it all! Karin shares her family’s recipes , as well as some tips and tricks for going gluten free.
  2. Celiac.com offers great advice to newbies as well as seasoned pros. This site has all sorts of information on Celiac disease, gluten free recipes and more. This site is definitely one resource you want to check out.
  3. Gluten free Girl – This blogger, Shauna suffers from celiac and leads a gluten free lifestyle and her blog is very entertaining and informative. She offers cooking videos, recipes and general encouragement to those who are struggling with eating gluten free.
  4. Gluten Free on a Shoestring – This is a blog for anyone who want to live the gluten free lifestyle without breaking the bank, with recipes and resources that will help you keep your hard earned money where it belongs – in your pocket!
  5. Glutenfree.com – This site has tons of information, including shopping guides, and great articles about living gluten free. We absolutely love all the infographics!