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 Beach Street Grill Breakfast Menu - Breakfast Fisherman's Wharf

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San Fransisco's Best Breakfast

Beach Street Sweets

Short Stack (3)  8.95

French toast  8.95

Classic Waffle  8.95

SF sourdough French toast  10.95

Special pancakes (3)*  13.95

*Filled with fresh organic blueberries topped with fresh strawberries and blackberries

Add Bacon or Sausage

add 2.00

Sweet Combos

#1  2 Pancakes, 2 eggs  10.95

       2 bacon or sausage

#2  2 French toast halves, 2 eggs  10.95

       2 bacon or sausage

Big cheese squeeze (French Toast)  13.95

Cream cheese, organic black berries, blueberries, strawberries

Fresh Crab Benedict  18.95

Wild Salmon Benedict  16.95

Eggs Florentine - Grilled tomato with fresh spinach  14.95

Eggs Florentine - Grilled tomato with bacon  13.95

Traditional Benedict with ham  13.95

above served with two poached eggs on an English muffin with homemade hollandaise, and hashbrown potatoes

One egg any style  9.95

Two eggs any style  10.95

Three eggs any style  11.95


With bacon add 2.00

With sausage add 2.00

 With Ham add 2.00

Made with 3 eggs and served with Beach street hashbrown potatoes and toast

substitute hashbrowns with small fruit cup for 1.95 extra

add salmon or shrimp to omelettes for 6.95 extra

Christine's Omelette - Egg Whites, Spinach, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, green beans, jalapenos, Spanish sauce  15.95

Fresh spinach, bacon, and sour cream  12.95

Chicken habanero sausage - tomato, mushrooms, green onion and Jack cheese  13.95

Vegetarian omelette - spinach, mushroom, tomato, green onion, Jack cheese 12.95

Bay shrimp or crab omelette - tomato, Jack cheese and dill  17.95

Ham or bacon with cheese omelette  12.95

Denver - ham, bell pepper, onion, and cheddar cheese  12.95

Wild smoked Nova Scotia salmon - tomato, green onion, Jack cheese, and dill  16.95

California girl - bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato, sour cream, and avocado  13.95

Beach Street Grill - chicken habanero sausage, mushrooms, tomato, green onion, and Jack cheese  13.95

Italian omelette - chicken basil sausage, mushroom, tomato, green onion, and Jack cheese  13.95

Spanish Omelette - choice of American, cheddar, swiss or jack cheese, topped with homemade Spanish sauce  12.95

add bay shrimp 3.95 or chicken habanero 3.95 (Spanish omelette only)

Cheese or meat




Egg white only


Breakfast burrito - scrambled eggs, chicken habanero sausage, choice of cheese, Spanish sauce, served with hash browns  11.95

Breakfast sandwich - choice of 12 grain or San Fransisco sourdough bread. Grilled ham or smoked applewood bacon, 2 eggs over easy, cheddar cheese, served with hash brown potatoes  11.95

Homemade corned beef hash and 2 poached eggs. Made with grilled peppers and onions and includes hash brown potatoes and toast  14.95

Chicken habanero sausage and 2 eggs - includes hash brown potatoes and toast  12.95

Homemade biscuits with sausage gravy, 2 eggs - includes hash brown potatoes  13.95

Huevos rancheros - homemade tortillas, refried beans, cheese, and 2 eggs, topped with Spanish sauce  12.95

6 oz Niman ranch Rib eye steak and 2 eggs - includes hash brown potatoes and toast  18.95

6 oz Niman ranch Filet Mignon and 2 eggs -  includes hash brown potatoes and toast  21.95

Johan's special - 10 oz. Filet Mignon open faced on sourdough toast with fried egg on top. Served with hash browns and choice of small draft beer or large orange juice  29.95

All large juices  5.00

Fresh squeezed orange juice  5.00

Grapefruit  3.95

Cranberry  3.95

Apple or Tomato  3.95

Pomegranate Juice  4.95

Assorted cold cereal  6.95

Add fresh berries  3.95

Fresh fruit cup (Organic)  8.95

Steel-cut Oatmeal (includes) brown sugar & raisins  9.95

Homemade granola  9.95

Add plain yogurt  1.95

Add berries (Organic)  3.95

100% pure maple syrup  2.95

Sugar-free syrup  1.95

Bacon or Sausage  5.95

Chicken Habanero Sausage  5.95

Hamburger Patty 6 ounce  6.95

Side of 6 oz Ribeye  10.95

Side of 6 oz Filet Mignon  12.95

Side of Smoked Salmon (5 slices)  7.95

Side of Hashbrowns   4.95

Side of toast, biscuit, or bagel  4.95

Side of gluten free toast, English muffin, or Bagel  5.95

Side of Bagel w/ cream cheese 6.95

Side of Biscuits and Gravy  8.95

Side Corn Tortillas (2)  2.95

Side of peanut butter  1.95

Side Jalapeños  1.95

Side of Avocado  3.95

Spanish Sauce (spicy)  2.95

Sautéed Mushrooms  4.95

Caramelized onions  2.95 

Grilled Tomatoes  4.95

1 Egg  2.95

2 Eggs  5.95

Coffee  2.95

Decaffeinated Coffee  3.25

Espresso (double)  3.95

Latte (double)  4.95

Hot Tea or Ice Tea  3.95

Hot chocolate  3.95

Milk (Organic)  3.95

Chocolate mild  4.95

Soy Milk (Organic)  3.95

Bottled water Sm 1.95/Lg 3.95

Mimosa Sm 8.95/Lg 12.95

Fresh fruit smoothies. Strawberry or blueberry (Organic)  8.95

Bloody Mary. Tombo Japanese spirits 50% proof  12.95

Sparkling Water  3.95

We use Bob's Mill gluten free pancake flour and UDIS gluten free products

Add 2.95 to substitute item on menu to gluten free

Pancakes, French toast (ingredients gluten free, flour, eggs, milk)

Hamburger buns (UDIS Bread and Buns)

Hot Dog Buns


English Muffins