Handy iPhone and iPad Apps for Shopping Gluten Free

Are you eating a gluten free diet? If you’re one of the millions of people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance or just prefer to eat a gluten free diet for its health benefits, you know that there are numerous difficulties that come with being gluten free, starting with the constant search for gluten-free products and a struggle to find gluten-free alternatives to your favorite meals.

If you are shopping for gluten free groceries, you know that the supermarket is a veritable minefield. Now, thanks to smartphone technology, if has gotten a little bit simpler for you.


Healthy Diet & Grocery Food Scanner

This iPhone/ iPad app can help you find foods to fit your specific dietary needs at the grocery store. The app can scan bar codes on products and identify foods that contain gluten and then displays a warning symbol so you know to avoid them. Besides helping users avoid foods, the app can suggest similar product alternatives that don’t contain gluten.


Is That Gluten Free? (for groceries)

If you want more information on gluten-free products or leading a gluten-free lifestyle, this iPhone and iPad-compatible app includes more than 14,800 verified gluten-free products from more than 360 brands, including private-label grocery store brands – you can seach by category, brand or product name, and you can follow one-touch links to company websites to search for additional information.. There is also a searchable ingredients tab that tells you if an ingredient you find in a product is safe, unsafe or possibly unsafe.

$7.99, with free updates and no monthly fees.
Gluten-Free Groceries by Triumph Dining
This app, compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, is fully searchable and features information on more than 30,000 gluten-free grocery store products, including products from brand names, such as Heinz, Coca-Cola and Kraft, and by store names.


These are some great tools to help you manage your gluten free lifestyle, but they are no substitute for common sense and diligence. Always be sure to read the labels yourself, and don’t rely solely on your iPhone app.