Fishermans Wharf Gluten Free Restaurants San Francisco

Gluten – the protein in wheat, rye and barley – lurks everywhere. Bread and pasta, beer, gravies and sauces, even soy sauce are off limits. It can be very tricky for food lovers who are diagnosed with gluten allergies.

When you factor in the possibility of cross-contamination in restaurant kitchens, it’s enough to make even the most die-hard foodie hide at home with a plain steak and a head of lettuce.

Fortunately, in the past few years some new Fishermans Wharf gluten free restaurants San Francisco have emerged. Once faced with very few safe options, gluten free restaurant goers in San Francisco now have plenty to choose from. Pasta, burgers and even a simple sandwich are all available for gluten free diners – if you know where to look.

As more restaurants in San Francisco cater to the needs of their diners, servers can refer diners to gluten-free items on their menus, or even offer substitutions. Ask the staff for help when you order can save you a lot of problems later.

Many people who dine at Fishermans Wharf  gluten free restaurants San Francisco have said that they can’t tell the difference between the gluten free menu option and the regular version of these dishes.

Until recently, even a simple sandwich was off limits for gluten-free eaters because of the gluten in the bread; many gluten free restaurants now use gluten-free bread. Many cuisines lend themselves to gluten-free dining, including Indian (avoid naan), Thai and Vietnamese – though in the latter cases, it’s important to ask if soy sauce is used in various dishes. Mexican food can be a good bet if you forgo flour tortillas. Most sushi is fine, too, but stick to fresh fish with no sauce – and bring your own packets of wheat-free tamari for dipping.

Although gluten-sensitive diners are beginning to see more options, there’s still some more work to do.

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